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Voice lessons
(Greensboro, NC)

   With nearly 20 years of performance experience and formal training, I work with those wishing to advance in classical music, as well as contemporary genres. As someone who has integrated aspects of formal training into a pop/ rock / contemporary technique, I teach how to approach singing in a way that helps you get the most out of your voice with the least amount of effort.

    I strive for my students to discover the full potential of their voice, find their niche, and for healthy vocal production above all else. I adapt to the needs and methods of learning that are the most effective for the individual and provide tools to improve performance, practice, and identify / strengthen any weaknesses. 

    Whatever your singing goals may be, we can customize strategies to help you reach them. Everybody has a voice that is distinctly their own. Whether a novice or an experienced singer, I will help take your skills and artistry to the next level. I am located in Greensboro, NC and do not currently have a studio of my own, but am able to travel to teach in surrounding areas. Though in person teaching is preferred, I also offer virtual lessons. Contact info below for more information.

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Event Singer
(Available for hire in the NC Triad Area: Greensboro, Winston Salem, Raleigh, Charlotte, etc.)

    As dynamic and versatile performer, I love sharing my talents to help make a special event or ceremony that much more so. I am familiar with a large repertory of classical/ opera music in addition to hymns/ church repertoire. I also am familiar and experienced singing a wide variety of pop music / contemporary genres. 

    I am able to provide options and assistance so you have the perfect songs most fitting for your special event. Whether it is a wedding ceremony, birthday, funeral, or other events to celebrate, commemorate or honor your loved ones, having the right music adds a special and memorable touch.

    When you book me for your event, whether you need just one song or many, I will handle your requests with the upmost preparedness, flexibility, and professionalism. I am located in Greensboro, NC, and am willing to travel to surrounding areas. Contact info below for more information.

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Session Work
(Available for hire in the
NC Triad Area: Greensboro, Winston Salem, Raleigh, Charlotte, etc.)

    With almost 20 years of formal training which lends to a powerful dynamic range, I also have 15+ years experience recording and song writing. I pride myself in quality vocals, versatility, and attention to detail. I enjoy singing many genres, am always up for creative challenges and making artistic visions a reality.

    Recently I've upgraded my gear to a Shure SM7B dynamic microphone w/ Soyuz Launcher pre amp and a Solid State Logic II interface which I use to record projects in Logic Pro X. If you need a true vocal professional with a wide range, and a unique, distinctive tone, I'm your girl. For inquiries you can contact me directly (info below) or via my account on Airgigs or SoundBetter.

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